Thursday, July 11, 2013

Cool Lyla

Lyla Brooke is one cool chic! She would not take off these sunglasses this morning.

She will be 17 months in two days. She is so sweet, sassy, and crazy all at the same time. She loves her sister Eme. So much so that she bites her every now and then. She says please, thank you, mommy daddy Eme, and a few more. 

I just bought her big girl bedding yesterday. I'm excited to decorate her room! We are getting her a full or queen bed that way if the girls want to sleep together they can ;) 

We are having fun with these girls! I'm starting them in a school like program in August. I'm so nervous about this but I know it's what they need. It is just so scary because they have been with Tracey since they were born. Summerfield is closer to our home so it is more convenient and Emery needs more activities. Lyla just goes with the flow so I know she won't have a problem adjusting. I think I'm more nervous than anyone! 
Hope your days are super!

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