Thursday, July 11, 2013

Cool Lyla

Lyla Brooke is one cool chic! She would not take off these sunglasses this morning.

She will be 17 months in two days. She is so sweet, sassy, and crazy all at the same time. She loves her sister Eme. So much so that she bites her every now and then. She says please, thank you, mommy daddy Eme, and a few more. 

I just bought her big girl bedding yesterday. I'm excited to decorate her room! We are getting her a full or queen bed that way if the girls want to sleep together they can ;) 

We are having fun with these girls! I'm starting them in a school like program in August. I'm so nervous about this but I know it's what they need. It is just so scary because they have been with Tracey since they were born. Summerfield is closer to our home so it is more convenient and Emery needs more activities. Lyla just goes with the flow so I know she won't have a problem adjusting. I think I'm more nervous than anyone! 
Hope your days are super!

Friday, May 24, 2013

Let it out!

Here are a few things I just feel the need to write down.  This is not me looking for sympathy or compliment,  just venting....  being real

I feel we as Moms put so much pressure on ourselves.  Maybe it's just me but I think a lot of us feel this way.  The pressure, stress is daunting.  We, my family, Archie and I are very busy.  Sometimes I don't think our family and friends truly realize how busy we are.  BUT we have made our lives this way.  Our "to-do" lists are always full.  I try to cram AS MUCH AS I can in one day.  

Every day I work, run errands, deal with the hut, think about the clothes i must fold as soon as they get out the dryer, empty the dishwasher, what is for dinner, can we hang out with so and so this week, spend quality time with my girls for the three hours i see them in the afternoon, need to run because i feel guilty for eating donut holes with the girls, make sure my house is clean, Finish the house, order furniture, paint?, did i feed the dogs, who is working the hut this weekend, try to "teach" Emery something like a color or letter, stay in touch with friends so they don't get mad, call mom, try and sell more drugs so i can get a bonus, do expenses, order samples, order lunch/breakfast for my offices, Fathers Day gifts, whose birthday did I just miss, Love on my hubby, make sure I put on my anti wrinkle cream at night, do a few squats....


I think there are too many of you Perfect moms out there!  Im not mad, just a tad jealous that I don't have a home cooked meal every night, time to go to the gym every day, don't look awesome next to you skinny bitches at the pool (toned, tan, size zero freaks of nature), have well mannered/disciplined children.  

I yell.  I spank.  I eat frozen chicken nuggets and hot dogs most nights.  I love those frozen veggie packs. I go days without feeding the dogs.  I constantly feel guilty for not working out every day.  I feel guilty for not going to LC more often.  I feel guilty for getting a sitter for a much needed date night.  I feel guilty for working.  I feel guilty for knowing I probably couldn't handle being a stay at home mom (that is work!!!!!) 

The truth is I do this to myself.  I make a list every morning when I get in my car and what doesn't get done that day moves to the next day.  I try to multitask to the absolute Fullest.  I have read many articles  recently on FB about the pressure we put on ourselves as parents.  And I always walk away thinking I have got to let some things go.  

So I am not perfect!  But I stress myself out to be as close as I can. I wish/hope/will try to take a step back.  Who cares if there are dishes in my sink?  Judge me.  Who cares about my laundry?  Who cares if my thighs are a little thick?  Who cares if there is no dining room furniture in the house?  You know who doesn't care?  Emery and Lyla and Archie.  And folks they are who I need to focus More on.  They are who I WANT to focus more on.  This is my new "to-do" list.  

I am writing this down so I can reread it over and over and over and over when I feel my limit is being topped off.  If I offended you sorry, Just don't tell me because I will stress over it.  

Monday, April 15, 2013

So it's been a while!

It has been a bit since I posted and I feel like so much has changed!  My baby is no longer a baby.  She is her own little self and oh so adorable.  Emery is growing up before my eyes and I want to press Pause SOOO badly. She says the most random things and surprises me with words she knows.  Lyla is trying her best to say a million words at once.  She knows what she wants, and tries to say it.  And whether you understand or not she is very persistent.  Lyla likes for you to hold her sippy cup for her.  It reminds me of bottle feeding a goat, but with a sippy cup.  It's funny.

Archie is in France now for work for two weeks straight.  And in those two weeks away we just "happen" to have the biggest catering jobs of the year.  (which is why I didnt tag along for this ONCE IN A LIFETIME trip :((()  This Friday and Next Friday.  My parents have weddings both weekends so I am counting on my brother to come help this weekend and hoping none of our boys skip out on me these next two weekends.  Luckily Tracey can keep the girls both Thursday nights since I need to be prepping for the boils and leaving super early Friday morning(s).  It's safe to say I am Super Stressed.  I know I can do it all but I just don't want to mess up ya know?  I don't want to forget to order crawfish, or get change for the drawer, or get to the catering job and have forgotten the seasoning, or trays, or scoops, or water hose....... etc. etc.

In that same breath I wonder if it's worth all the stress.  Does it make enough extra cash to justify all the stress?  All the time away from family for 6 months?  I guess we will have to decide after this season.  A big, Huge part of me wants to walk away.  But a tiny part of me enjoys the extra moolah....... Decisions decisions!  It is 200 percent busier than last year so I know it's really growing.
But at the end of the day Time together is worth a million times more in my eyes....  And we are ready for number three :)  SO we have a lot to think about!

Over these last few months I am very thankful for those close to our hearts.  We have some amazing friends to lean on who have become like family to us.  Of course our family is always there for us but you need people here you can call on and we are fortunate to have that.  Old friends, New friends, Bible study friends, have all been awesome to us and we truly appreciate them.